Training Information

  WELCOME &    Introduction

When you have been accepted into training program

You will receive

Business Cards

Photo ID Card

Bible Promise Book for every need

Will be asked to down load the Youversion Bible app.

You will need to supply us with your E-Mail address so we can set you an account up in PsychArmor for some training classes. These classes will help you with the veterans that you will being ministering to.  You will find the link on this page.


You will need to participate in a biweekly conference call. The call-in Number is 605-313-6036 The Access code will be provided when you start training. The reason for conference call is to share scripture, prayer request, share what is going on with you out on the road, help work through different situations you are encountering and to learn from other road chaplains


You will be asked to sponsor the Ministry $100.00 a Month

A: To Help Supply Materials

B: To help support the revival and conference ministries.

This will help enable us to go out into the small churches and others that don’t have the means to have an evangelist to come in and preach revivals and conferences.


After 6 months your Photo and contact information will be placed on website under road chaplains contacts.

You will receive a window decal that identifies you as a Road Chaplain

The first set is free and additional decal is at cost plus shipping. 

After you have completed 1 year and completed the training program you will be Licensed as a Road Chaplain  

Pastor Olen j. Thompson ,Jr..jpg

Pastor Olen J. Thompson, Jr.

Phone 405-246-5602

Mark Mccastle 
Phone 231-425-6157

Training Materials

Excitement of Sharing Jesus

Part 1
Part 2

External Training Resources

PsychArmor Signup Link

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