By Chaplain Marvin Sttus


Throughout my life, I've been given multiple opportunities to share God’s message of salvation.  However, since I heard the voice calling me to this Road Chaplin ministry, there have been a couple of people that God has placed in front of me.  One most recently was a young Pakistani man. We had been talking inside the truck stop in east Texas, and as we talked we had walked out towards our trucks. Well, he said good bye and got into his truck and looked back over at my truck.  He was parked on my driver's side.  He looked over at me and seen my road Chaplin sticker on my bunk window.  He immediately got out of his truck and knocked on my door.  I looked out to find him standing there.  I opened the door and he asked me about the sign.  I got out of my truck with my bible in hand and I explained what a road Chaplin is, and he asked me to tell him about Jesus.  He was curious about my beliefs and he told me that in Pakistan they do not have the freedom to believe in anything other than what his government tells them they can.  I stated that was so sad.  We talked about how Jesus was born in Bethlehem in a manger, he came to us in the most humble of beginnings and how he had caused the blind to see and the dead Lazarus to live again, and the lame to walk.  Then when we got to how Jesus was tortured and crucified on the cross, Yersil said he's heard about this man, but he's just a legendary person.

I told him, “No, he is a real person that was sent by God to die for our sins so that we could be clean and go to God without having a burnt sacrifice to take to a priest.   Jesus was our sacrifice.”

As we talked for a couple more hours, he asked me how he can find this salvation that I've found.

I asked him, “Do you believe that God sent his son to die for your sins and that Jesus was crucified for that purpose?”

He said, “Yes I do.”

I said, “Then bow your head and repeat after me, Father, I know I'm a sinner, (tell him the exact nature of your sins), I ask that you forgive me of these and all my sins, and ask that you come into my heart and life and give me your holy spirit, and cause me to be born again in Jesus name I pray. Amen.”

After we were done he looked up at me and said, “I feel different I feel happy and free.”

I told him, “That is the spirit of God that just came into you, but you're not finished yet, you'll need to be baptized. That’s an outwardly expression of what has just happened inwardly.”

He asked if I would baptize him.  I prayed and received confirmation, so I baptized him in the name of Jesus.  All I had was a gallon of spring water, but I asked God to bless this water and poured it over his head.

He slung his hair back and yelled out, “Thank you Jesus, praise God I am a new person!”

He hugged my neck and started telling others of his new found salvation. Praise be to God’s Grace, I don’t remember exactly what I had told him. It was like I was there, but it wasn't me talking.  Yes, it was my mouth and voice, but it was more like I was in a dream, like I was standing next to my body watching this all take place.  I believe The Holy Spirit stepped in and led this one.  I was just merely the host for his spirit. 


Chaplain Marvin Stutts