Revival Services and Conferences 

Revival Services and Conferences have been laid deeply in our hearts by the Lord.  Because each church is unique in its own people, we believe that all revival services and conferences are to be Spirit led.

The purpose for the revival Revival Services is to awaken the Church by focusing on the members of the body. With the Leading of the Holy Spirit, they will be awakened to their individual calling God has placed on their lives.  Then they will be able to recognize the position they have been called to. There will be a stronger uniting with each other in the body of the church, resulting in the raising up of more people reaching out to each other, and communities helping those who are in need.
We believe in the power of God to save, heal, deliver and baptize in the Holy Ghost.  We believe when the body is united together, and actively serving the Lord in His Fullness and Power, the Church will flourish beyond any plans they could have made.  All of this will be caused by becoming a living body in Christ Jesus, with leaders who are listening closely to the direction of the Lord.

The conferences are for the teaching of Godly principles to lead the body into a deeper and closer walk with the Lord; thereby, empowering the body to be the mighty army we are called to be.

Check the list of conferences!  Come let us see what God wants to do in your Church!

Conference List 

Principles Of Faith 

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TO whom it may concern;

I highly recommend Rev Olen Thompson to the ministering  of God’s Word in revival or filling in pulpits.  He is truly a man of God in preaching and teaching the word of God. He has Godly  CHARACTERISTICS  in his own life, letting God’s Holy Spirit lead him in the way he needs to go when preaching. He has come  to our church  on several occasions and shared  the Word. Many people were deeply moved by his message. He truly encourages  and helps people in their walk with God by allowing  the Holy Spirit to guide him.

Rev. Janice Buffalo Enid Free Methodist Church 

By: Rev. Dr. Jeffrey P. Johnson