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Greetings one and all

Praise the Lord things are changing and moving forward each and every day. We are now in our new office in the driver’s area here at the trucking company. In the last 10 days we have had 2 redecorations of people’s lives to the Lord.  The Lord is so awesome all the time.  

We have been doing a fund raiser with hats and they are all most gone. Praise the Lord! We are seeing more people all the time people are asking questions and making decisions in their lives based on the word of God.

The Sunday Chapel Services are all so growing in number and people are taking part in them. We are excited about some up coming projects and we are expecting some new equipment to be arriving soon too be used in the ministry. We are praying about expanding some services as the new equipment arrives so we can reach out to others God has placed in our spirit.


Pastor Olen

Church News