Greetings To All

This year has been a year of many trials and surprise's as the word would see it. However, this year has been full of blessing in this ministry. We have had a wonderful time in the Lord, chapel services have continued every Sunday morning as usual. The Road Chaplain Program is growing slowly though surly. We have added twice month conference calls for education and time of sharing and it has changed and transformed all that been attending. We also have updated our website and are working on more changes, we have added let's chat page or blog for people to be able to ask questions, get answers and share events in their life. Melvin Bradler has been doing the website development and is doing a wonderful job. He has some upcoming changes that will make the website better yet, Praise the Lord for the blessing. 


The drivers are growing spiritually more and more. This year two groups took up donations to help families in need. Once and agene, I have seen people give out of there need. They would come in to give a cash donation look at the money in their pocket and say I can get by and gave from their heart to others, this has been a touching and moving experience for them and myself also. It makes me think of the Widows offering in the new testament.

Drivers have also come in excited and wanting to share how God has used them to touch some one else's life. They wanted to share and I was excited to them share. One said I was giving the scriptures' and Jeus had to be giving them to me, I didn't know all of those from heart. 

I have shared these so you can see what God is doing here in this ministry and how it is affecting people's lives. 

Pasto Olen J Thompson, Jr. 

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