1. Fill out the road Chaplain application at bottom of page.

  2.  After acceptance as a Road Chaplain, the following will take place:  We would like our road Chaplains to commit to donating $100 monthly to the ministry, which will be used as follows:  funding materials, road chaplain conference call line, training program and outreach meetings.

  3. After a six month probationary period is completed and upon certification as a Road Chaplain, the new chaplain is given the opportunity to put ministry decals on the sides of their truck (permission to do so must be given by their trucking company).  Also, they will receive ministry business cards, other materials and a photo ID.   Their picture and information will be placed on the website under Road Chaplains Contact page.

  4. We expect our Road Chaplains to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the Lord.

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Are you willing to raise your own support as a staff chaplain?
Are you willing to spend time in training prior to coming on staff?
Are willing to work under a director and cooperat for the good of the ministry?
Do you wish to stay where you currrently live?

Standard of Conduct

1. As a Christian organization, Spirit Lead Revival Ministries., holds a unique position in Ministry world today. It is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ in all areas of life. Those who are associated with Spirit Lead Revival Ministries including directors, administrations, staff and support personnel, form a community, and are not a group of autonomous individuals. They consequently bear certain responsibilities and obligations within the organization for the implementation of its purposes and goals. In order that the organization may function smoothly and that its goals may be realized, it is necessary that there be a mutual commitment to a corpus of regulations which when embraced by all members.


2. Since Spirit Lead Revival Ministries., is a Christian organization, we must follow specific biblical principals which relate the Christian behavior within the organization. Spirit Lead Revival Ministries., therefore prohibits practices which are clearly forbidden by the Word of God (e.g., 1 Corinthians 6:9-20; drunkenness, sexual immorality, dishonesty, etc.). Further, to expect the Christian to exemplify Christian love, consideration for the rights of others, honesty and high sense of Christian ethics is to expect only that which the Word of God teaches to be primary in the character of a Christian (e.g., Ephesians 4:24-5:8).


3. Certain principals of conduct are believed to be a necessary part of the effort to establish an atmosphere in which the goals of Spirit Lead Revival Ministries. may be realized. For this reason, Spirit Lead revival Ministries. requires all members of its organization to refrain from the abuse of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs. It is further assumed that each Spirit Lead Revival Ministries. staff member will maintain regular devotions and Bible-study as well as a continuous attitude of prayer.


4. Spirit Lead Revival Ministries. recognizes that observance of these regulations does not compromise the whole of one’s responsibility to God and hence does not necessarily indicate that one is living a life of full commitment. The philosophy of Spirit Lead Revival Ministries., however, maintains that one’s willingness to obey these regulations show a maturity and spiritual concern for the whole Christian community (e.g. Galatians 5:13-24; 1 Corinthians 8:1-13) and for one’s personal relationship with God and man in a practical manner.


5. While appointed or employed by Spirit Lead Revival Ministries, staff members will seek to conduct themselves according to the highest standards of ethics, morality and propriety. They will seek to avoid all situations which could result in either disgrace to the Lord Jesus or embarrassment for Spirit Lead Revival Ministries. Recognizing Spirit Lead Revival Ministries is a non-denominational ministry, which we are in favor of ministering the Gospel to the needs of the individual.


6. The conduct of any member of the Spirit Lead Revival Ministries. organization that is an offense to good taste, sound morality, or Christian propriety will not be acceptable. While may some not have personal convictions wholly in accordance with the above statements or standards, the purpose underlying them necessitates the members honorable obedience to them. If in conscience a member of the organization can no longer, in integrity conform to them, he or she should withdraw from Spirit Lead Revival Ministries Willful disobedience of the above standards will bring about dismissal from Spirit Lead Revival Ministries.


7. Each chaplain (staff or volunteer), supervisor and director will do everything in his power to be in attendance at the Annual Staff Retreat and any other meetings or activities as directed by his superiors (i.e., supervisors, directors, etc.). He will support the ministry of Spirit Lead Revival Ministries. by (a) financial support, (amount to be determined by the individual), (b) faithful and regular prayer for the whole ministry and staff, (c) keeping others informed concerning his ministry, (d) staying informed concerning the overall ministry (SLRM) and the specific ministries of other staff by reading staff news letters and organizational materials, (e) seeking to increase community awareness of Spirit Lead Revival Ministries.


8. To insure that the doctrinal position of Spirit Lead Revival Ministries will be maintained in an uncompromising manner, and believing that a consistent and exemplary life should be expected of those who undertake the ministry of leading truck drivers to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith, it is required that every member of the organization shall individually affirm that following at the time of initial appointment or employment and shall so reaffirm at such time as determined by the Board of Directors.


I will seek, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to live an exemplary Christian life as an example and encouragement to the Members of Spirit lead Revival Ministries. and before the world. If at any time during my employment or appointment with Spirit lead Revival Ministries. I can no longer with integrity conform to the above Standard and Conduct; I will withdraw from Spirit lead Revival Ministries

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