About Us

Steve Hardee

Who we are

Our Pastor

I was ordained in 1998, into the International Chaplain’s Association, and traveled throughout the United States ministering in trucking chapels and various churches.

God placed the desire in my heart for a spirit led ministry. He brought me to Oklahoma City 15 years ago to start a trucking ministry to reach the hurting, the lost, and to lead people back into the Body of Christ. The ministry was formed as a nonprofit ministry in the state of Oklahoma, as a 501c3 organization. It has grown steadily since that time. I traveled to England to preach mini revivals in the rural areas and witnessed a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I have served in the positions of Chaplain, Pastor and Evangelists.

I continue to do out-reach ministry, especially reaching out to truck drivers from our own trucking chapel, and in trucking companies. However, God has once more broadened my vision. He is sending me wherever He leads to hold Spirit led revivals in the Body of Christ. It is time for his bride to awaken.

Chaplain Olen Thompson

Founder of Spirit Lead Revival Ministry

I want to help people realize they can live a victorious life here now.

And not have to wait until they ‘get to heaven’. This is accomplished through a transformed life in the Lord. We need to have the fullness of the three, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in us, to live in that victory. I want to teach people how to receive and be led by the Holy Spirit.

Our Staff

Tarrell Windom

Board Member

Tarrell Windom was born and raised in Mississippi. He was raised in the Baptist faith. In his late teens, he strayed from his upbringing. However, in 1999, he began to turn his life around. During this time, he faced numerous challenges, but he diligently continued to seek God. He recommitted his life to Christ in 2006, when he had an amazing experience with Trucker’s Ministries and Pastor Olen Thompson.

His profession allows him the opportunity to travel from state to state. He takes this time to witness to people about the goodness of Jesus Christ and how putting God in the driver’s seat can impact your life with positive results. Tarrell began to experience God’s deeper calling on his life and so he became a board member at Trucker’s Ministries and became their first road Evangelist. He continues to travel and share the goodness of Jesus Christ and see people’s lives touched by God. God continues to bless him, so he takes every chance he gets to bless others.

Dale Patrick Ryan

Board Member

Dale Ryan is married to his lovely wife, Connie, for 20+ years. He has 5 children and lots of grandchildren. Dale served and volunteered as a police officer and fireman, and served in the Army National Guard. Dale was saved in 2004 at the Trucker’s Ministries Chapel, which is now known as Spirit Lead and it wasn’t long that he felt God calling him to Preach and spread the Word.

Ryan was licenced by Spirit Lead to preach the Gospel, and he also during that time became a Board Member for Trucker’s Ministries. Ryan became a Deacon for the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Midwest City, OK in 2011. Ryan then was called to Warsaw, MO where his wife and he joined Poplar Baptist Church where after a year he taught Sunday school for children and then to older adults. He was also Licensed by Poplar Baptist Church to preach the Gospel in 2013. Ryan also became a supply minister. Currently Ryan serves as a Trustee, and also the Director of the Brotherhood at Poplar Baptist Church.

Mark McCastle

Director of Road Chaplain Program 

Hello my name is Mark McCastle, we grow up in a very small neighborhood in a small town in western Michigan. 1 older brother 2 older sisters, younger sister died at the age of 5, and a little brother that was still born. Our Mother and Father worked very hard to supply all the needs of their children. Going to church was not top priority, occasionally with grandparents on both sides. As most we grow up got married we have 2 beautiful daughter’s 8 grandchildren 1 great grandchild.